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Name:Bravo Platoon Two
Posting Access:All Members

Welcome to Bravo Platoon 2, the Generation Kill group musebox on DW. Basically, GK needed a gathering spot for muses, and this is it. BP2 is a repository for just about anything related to both GK and roleplaying: RP posts, muse wanted ads, GK-related memes, dear-mun type posts, plotting posts, icon sets... really everything except Charms. If you bring Charms into this goddamn vehicle, we are turning right around and heading home.

Just a quick note on warnings: Some of the content in this comm may contain slash/smut based on fictionalized characters. There is a difference between a fictionalized character and the real person they are based on. If you don't see a distinction there or don't intend to respect it, please stay out.

If you're not sure how to post to the community, here are some post type examples.

Also, please observe the grooming standard during your visit, or Sgt. Maj. Sixta is going to have to NJP all your asses. Y'all look like a bunch of Elvises.

Interests (35):

1st recon, are you a top or a bottom or a turret, brad colbert, captain america, combat jacks, encino man, gabe garza, gay porn lilley, gen mattis, generation kill, godfather ferrando, gunny wynn, iceman vs the us mail system, james trombley, jason lilley, manimal jacks, meesh, nate fick, no charms in the vehicle, pappy patrick, poke espera, q-tip stafford, ray person, rudy reyes, rudy reyes is a magical unicorn, screwby, sgt maj sixta, shady b baptista, shakespeare wrote that?, stay frosty gents, the grooming standard, the iceman, the reporter's girlfriend, turretsexual, walt hasser
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